Our Programmes


IDARA KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ makes sincere effort to :

  • Initiate a participatory process of development by the people through their organisation for self-reliance.
  • Undertake long-term integrated development activities.
  • Educate, motivate and train men and women for realisation of their potentials for their own development.
  • Co-operate and collaborate with all CBOs, SHGs, NGOs, NGos national and international network for achievement of vision and mission effectively and efficiently.
  • Encourage active people’s participation in all kind of programmes undertaken by governments, ministries, departments and official agencies.


The socio-economic profile of the land and people of districts in U.P. is presented below for detailed background information to the funding agencies, these are intensive work area of the IDARA KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ These district have estimated 70 percent families in Saharanpur living Below the Poverty Line-BPL compared to the national average of37.27 percent in 1993-94 To the effect of such a large number of poor on the quality of life in these districts is not difficult to appreciate. The urgent need is therefore to redress the grim situation quickly and speedily.
Education, organisation and self employment are the priority areas. 3. Legal Status:
Registered as a Society under Societies Registration Act 1860 of XXI


The IDARA KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ has stated objectives :

  • Effort for the holistic development of the rural poor.
  • Enculcate discipline, a sense of duties and responsibilities, create awareness, conscientize people about their challenges and problems as well as solution thereof
  • Develop co-operation, brotherhood, hermony, community attitude.
  • Educate and organise the poor give them skill and technology, management and entrepreneurial training for their development.
  • Educate, motivate, conscientize and organised disdvantaged men, women, youth, farmers, artisans.
  • Undertake development initiatives with the support of people’s organisation on the basis of people’s plan.
  • Promote infrastructure and structural development plan.
  • Prepare and implement progress of human resource development.
  • Bring change in individual societal attitude, encourage cultural transformation.
  • Development relationship, co-operation, collaboration, communication, linkages with CBOs, SHGs, governments, banks, financial institutions, national and international communities for their support in development initiatives.
  • Raise means and measures to achieve these stated objectives.

area-workAREA OF WORK

Geographical Coverage

The IDARA KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ is working in about of 4 development block District Saharanpur & Haridwar.