About us

Since Jan * 1980 IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq is serving the people irrespective of the religion. In the period of 35 years IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq provided medical treatment to more then ten lakh patients. Thousands of students received scholarships for education.Every Year IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq distributes Blankets, bedsheets and other cloths according to the weather. Every now and then distributes the aid to the poor people. Those people who can not afford to pay the school fee for their kids, those who are badly in need of help at the time of marriage of their daughters, those who cannot repair their own houses and suffering from rain-fall and diminishing walls, those who suffer from loans and interest, IdaraKhidmat-e Khalq help them quietly to retain there praise as well. Along with these activities IdaraKhidmat- e-Khalq has very large scale of services.

IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq helps small school when-ever they need help. Because of its best services, IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq requires your kind attention and contribution. Kindly help the IdaraKhidmat-e-Khalq and get rewarded here and there after from ALLAH. Thanking you in anticipation.

Address : Khidmat-e-khalq, Badi Haweli, Mohalla Abul mali Deoband, UP, INDIA.